Top Glove and the Evolving World of PPE Procurement

PPE.Exchange has an undying dedication to provide its users with only the most vetted and verified PPE suppliers. That is why when it was reported that Top Glove, a leading Malaysian manufacturer of nitrile gloves, was placed under a “detention order” by the US government, effectively banning the importation of the company’s product due to forced labor concerns, we at PPE.Exchange mobilized to find other avenues of glove manufacturing for our customers to utilize.

World consumption of protective gloves is expected to jump more than 11 percent to 330 billion pieces this year, two-thirds of which are likely to be supplied by Malaysia.

With this level of increased growth in the demand for gloves, most glove producers would be needing to operate at near full capacity. For the news then to come through that Top Glove, the largest Malaysian glove producer, was banned from importing goods to the United States, it was concerning to all parties in need of gloves.

Finding a quality supply of gloves in the United States is now harder than ever. While there are certainly other quality glove manufacturers (Cranberry, VGlove, INTCO, Superieur, etc), the embargo on TopGlove’s certainly stood as a hit to the industry. On top of that, fraudulent offers for “landed” (see our blog on Landed vs. Production) gloves are now more pervasive than ever. 

If you have been in the industry for even a short period of time, it is almost a guarantee that someone has approached you claiming to have access to a warehouse of “100 Million boxes of landed gloves”. Just briefly, we would like to make you aware of some facts that will help you weed out these fraudulent claims from the real ones. It is reported that TopGlove can produce approximately 70 million boxes of gloves per month, of which a large percentage are already claimed by those who have paid for production orders. Therefore anyone claiming to have 100 million boxes of gloves would have to have been stockpiling them from multiple factories for a significant period of time and would not be shipping them to the United States in one trip. 

However, while the world of gloves is filled with fraud and misinformation, finding gloves is not impossible - it just requires more vigilance. That is why we at PPE.Exchange are here to assist those looking for gloves by introducing them to our vetted and verified glove manufacturers. Our glove suppliers have provided us with their most conservative timelines as well as logical prices in order to set realistic expectations when procuring gloves. One of our account executives will walk your organization through every step of the process to ensure confidence while managing consistent contact with suppliers in order to provide real-time updates on the status of your order. 

Numerous large organizations, such as North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA), are working with PPE.Exchange to procure large group orders of nitrile gloves to assist those in need the most. Using our platform, these organizations have been able to establish a reliable supply chain for nitrile gloves in times where such a thing is rare. 

If you or your organization have any interest in developing such a supply chain and utilizing PPE.Exchange’s catalog of verified vendors, please contact us at or request access here.

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