PPE.Exchange's Partnership to Increase Security

PPE.Exchange is excited to announce our partnership with Storj, an open source decentralized cloud storage platform. It is of the utmost importance that PPE.Exchange systems stay securely running 24/7 to ensure frontline workers can access PPE. For the highest quality of security and resilience, PPE.Exchange is  utilizing Storj’s Tradigrade Network, decentralized storage, to backup the PPEX blockchain data, guaranteeing security and uptime and offering a better experience for our community. We look forward to a continued highly secure process for our buyers and suppliers. Learn more about our partnership and Storj’s efforts to help combat COVID 19. 

Using a decentralized cloud storage platform has many advantages over a traditional centralized storage platform. One of the biggest advantages is the extra layer of security and protection offered. By decentralizing the network of information stored on the platform, the information can not be found in one central network or location. A main reason private information is compromised when using a traditional centralized platform is because all information is in a single location, like an Apple ICloud or Google Drive.

At PPE.Exchange, the documents provided by buyers and suppliers that contain sensitive information are stored in many different locations in order to protect from data breaches, file loss, data outages, lack of ownership, etc. These files are also automatically encrypted with an encryption key that only grants access to the owner, thus ensuring extreme privacy. Additionally, through a process of sharding, no single person holding your files has the entirety of it. 

Storj Labs has implemented a COVID-19 storage program allowing organizations working to fight the global pandemic free cloud storage. While many are in search of COVID-19 relief, sensitive information is being shared and data protection is needed now more than ever. 

PPE.Exchange is excited to work alongside a company who is helping with COVID-19 and look forward to a continued highly secure process for our buyers and suppliers.

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