PPE.Exchange Revolutionizes Wholesale Procurement with Blockchain Technology

The PPE industry is full of fraudulent behavior and faulty products.  There are legitimate brokers in the industry, but they struggle to differentiate themselves from fraudsters because there is no source of truth. That changes with PPE.Exchange. 

PPE.Exchange is the world’s first verified marketplace built on blockchain technology. Our growing vendor network and their verified product listings are bolstered by the trust and security of blockchain technology.  Among the key features of this revolutionary technology are verified identity, transparency, smart contracts.

Verified Identity

The PPE.Exchange blockchain platform allows procurement organizations access to pre-verified supplier information with the trust that is guaranteed by cryptographic security. All supplier identities are validated by PPE.Exchange. With integration to the FDA database through OpenFDA, compliance is validated and recorded in real-time on the PPEx Blockchain.


The PPEx Permission blockchain is immutable, which makes additions to it easily traceable via a historical ledger. This allows care providers and distributors to safely share trusted information, which enables consumers to make the most informed decisions when it comes to purchasing protective equipment for those who need it most. It is essential to guarantee product authenticity and visibility to minimize disputes and streamline equipment distribution.

Smart Contracts 

PPE transactions are complex: the payment terms and shipping terms are unique to each transaction. With the many trust issues in the industry, it is crucial to have a programmatic approach to accountability and execution of contractual agreements: PPE.Exchange Smart Contracts are the answer.

Smart contracts integrate with two other technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain, to verify, validate, capture, and enforce agreed-upon terms between multiple parties. A smart contract takes real-world, legally governed events, and collects IoT data for performance measurements including information from sensors, meters, and other business processes including shipping. This data then informs the automated terms of a contract by posting results and accompanying proof to the blocks within the blockchain.

A smart contract is a program that automates the execution of contract terms. It applies to only the performance of executable terms of a contract. Smart contracts do not replace natural language contracts.  Instead they function as an addendum- in software form- that reads a natural language contract to establish an unalterable link between the software and the written contract.

PPE.Exchange is here to change the wholesale purchasing industry.  Buy and sell valued PPE with comfort and efficiency through PPE.Exchange today! For information about our marketplace, visit us at https://ppe.exchange/ or email our team at info@ppe.exchange.

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