New PPE.Exchange Offers a National, FDA-Approved Automated Source for PPE and Supplies

July 21, 2020

In the beginning of the COVID-19 response in South Carolina, hospitals and other provider groups were struggling to source the PPE and disinfecting supplies necessary to maintain operations.

With support from the SC Manufacturing Extension Partnership, SC Department of Commerce, SC BIO, and SCHA, we are excited to announce an automated resource for accessing PPE and supplies.

PPE.Exchange is an online marketplace of regional and national suppliers of PPE. Think Amazon but for PPE and supplies. Via PPE.Exchange, hospitals, providers, and businesses looking for supplies are virtually connected to a marketplace of verified suppliers where they can search for items, schedule orders, compare prices and complete the transaction online.

Benefits of sourcing supplies on PPE.Exchange:

  • Support technology built on blockchain allows you to track the transaction from placement of order to delivery
  • Access to more than 200 regional and national suppliers
  • Ability to source from SC based suppliers
  • Ability to price shop across numerous suppliers
  • Process for aggregate or bulk ordering for smaller volume providers who typically don’t meet the required minimums
  • A “request a quote” feature to compare current pricing with pricing from additional suppliers

To begin accessing the SCHA marketplace on PPE.Exchange, visit and click “request access.” Enter your email and basic information. Once you do that, an email will be automatically sent prompting you to reset your password and login to the website.

For any questions on large orders, or how PPE.Exchange can work directly with you, contact SCHA’s Beth Morgan at

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